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RTII-809 - U.S. Environmental Laws and Regulations

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Per Person Price: $695 --------------- GI Credits Earned: 24

Class Size: Self-study ------------------ Training Hours: 24 - average

CEUs: 2.4

Instructors: ABS Consulting.

Published: April 2004

Provider: Resource Training Institue

Publisher: Government Institutes

Pages: 16 Lessons

About The Course

This course combines Government Institutes' proven LAYER (Learn At Your Effective Rate) study guide format with the Environmental Law Handbook, 17th Edition, to give you a convenient, self-paced learning experience. Under one cover, you receive 16 information-packed lessons supplemented with learning objectives, practical exercises, self-assessment tests, and a Master Exam, all designed to reinforce your training. Complete the Master Exam successfully and you qualify for continuing education credits from Government Institutes. You'll also receive a personalized Certificate of Achievement. Get up-to-speed fast on complex U.S. federal environmental laws such as RCRA (hazardous wastes management), the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, EPCRA (chemical inventory and reporting), TSCA (toxic substances control), and many others. Learn the penalties and liabilities for non-compliance, and examine how the U.S. enforces these laws. Also learn about the Safe Drinking Water Act, CERCLA (Superfund), Oil Pollution Act, NEPA (environmental impact assessments), FIFRA (Pesticides), Pollution Prevention Act, and the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA). Your course instructor is always available to answer your questions by fax or email. Moreover, the course is backed by Resource Training Institutes' Full-Refund Guarantee of Satisfaction.

What makes this course so special? Course is based on the preeminent book in its field-the Environmental Law Handbook-which is the industry's best-selling compliance handbook for more than 25 years! Lessons are prepared by 15 of the leading environmental law firms in the U.S Each lesson includes complete footnotes and regulatory citations Course applies Government Institutes' 30 years of training expertise to provide enjoyable, practical, and affordable distance learning Course makes the complicated world of U.S. federal environmental laws understandable for those in the U.S. who must comply and those outside of the U.S. who use American laws as guidelines for their own operations!

Students who successfully complete the Master Exam at the conlusion of the course, earn continuing education credits and a Certificate of Achievement from RTI and ABS Consulting/Government Institutes.

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