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RTII-808 - Toxicology for Non-Toxicologists

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Per Person Price:    $495 --------------- GI Credits Earned:  13

Class Size:  Self-study  ------------------ Training Hours:     13 - average

CEUs:     1.3

Instructors:  ABS Consulting.

Published:  April 2001

Provider: Resource Training Institue

Publisher:  Government Institutes

Pages:  220 Spiral Bound

About The Course

Understanding the impact of pollutants on humans, plants, and animals is fundamental to all environmental protection efforts. With this self-paced, plain-English course, you can learn and apply the key principles of toxicology in your daily jobs--regardless of the amount of training you have in biology and physiology. Based on Government Institute's popular Toxicology for Non-Toxicologists book and traditional classroom course, this new Self-Study Course provides you with 10 lessons, dozens of exercises, and several self-tests. You will start with the basic concepts and vocabulary used to describe health effects. You'll then move on to study everyday applications of toxicology, including aspects of food safety, air pollution, water pollution, and even news media reporting of toxicological issues. Other detailed lessons cover the essential concepts of toxicology, including exposure routes, duration, and frequency; dose-response relationships; cancers and non-cancers; and ecological effects at the individual, population, and community levels.

Students who successfully complete the Master Exam at the conlusion of the course, earn continuing education credits and a Certificate of Achievement from RTI and ABS Consulting/Government Institutes.

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