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RTII-807 - RCRA Compliance

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Per Person Price: $495 --------------- GI Credits Earned: 16

Class Size: Self-study ------------------ Training Hours: 16 - average

CEUs: 1.6

Instructors: Self-Study

Provider: Resource Training Institue

Pages: 9 Lessons

About The Course

Self-Paced, Measurable Learning about Managing Your Hazardous & Solid Wastes This new nine-lesson self-study course provides facility managers, engineers and attorneys with practical, step-by-step guidance for complying with the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Featuring an incredibly useful series of compliance tips and reminders-aspects of RCRA learned more by experience than by reading the regulations-the course offers plain-English training for any facility that generates or processes hazardous and solid wastes. The course is based on the textbook, Managing Your Hazardous Waste: A Step-by-Step RCRA Compliance Guide, 2nd Edition, written by James K. Voyles. Learn how to identify the specific RCRA regulations that apply to your particular facility, how to identify which of your wastes may be classified as hazardous, and how to determine if you are considered a large or a small quantity generator in the eyes of the law. In addition, learn your compliance requirements for these activities: Waste accumulation and storage Emergency prevention and response Minimizing waste streams Reporting and record-keeping Inspection programs Employee training Manifesting your wastes Recycling wastes Disposing of batteries, pesticides, thermostats and lamps Managing used oil The course also includes lessons applicable to hazardous waste Treatment, Storage and Disposal (TSD) facilities, recyclers, and used oil facilities. Hazardous waste generators learn how to work with these kind of facilities to minimize liabilities, while students employed at these type of facilities learn the specific RCRA requirements that apply to them. Each lesson provides straightforward explanations of RCRA's rules while supplying detailed annotations to the parts of Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations that document the requirements. Even better, the course updates you on the latest major changes to RCRA, including new waste exclusions (particularly for materials that can be recycled), universal waste rules, used oil management standards, and new air emissions standards. To ensure you get the most out this course, your course instructor is available to answer your questions by fax or email.

Students who successfully complete the Master Exam at the conlusion of the course, earn continuing education credits and a Certificate of Completion from RTI.

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