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RTII-803 - Introduction to Environmental Risk Analysis

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Per Person Price:    $595 --------------- GI Credits Earned:  20

Class Size:  Self-study  ------------------ Training Hours:     20 - average

CEUs:     2.0

Instructors:  ABS Consulting.

Published:  October, 2004

Provider: Resource Training Institue

Publisher:  Government Institutes

Pages:  13 Lessons

About The Course

This new 13-lesson self-study course is designed for those who need to understand and quantify environmental risks. The concepts taught in the Introduction to Risk Analysis Self-Study Course are particularly relevant to environmental and safety specialists, clean-up professionals involved in Superfund and Brownfields sites, attorneys who need to understand the risk aspects of their legal cases, medical personnel, natural resource managers, and government regulators. In one integrated volume of lessons, students learn the three major areas of risk analysis: risk assessment (exposure assessment and dose-response curves); risk communication; and risk management (including values and ethics). To learn the basics of quantifying risks and predicting and estimating chemical exposures, for example students graph and analyze data while practicing logarithmic thinking, statistical analysis, modeling, and curve fitting. All these techniques help students to better characterize environmental risk for individuals as well as populations. The Introduction to Risk Analysis Self-Study Course also covers epidemiology, comparative risk analysis, ecological risks, and case studies of how risk analysis is actually practiced and applied in the real world. The Introduction to Risk Analysis Self-Study Course is based on the best-selling book, Introduction to Risk Analysis, written by Daniel M. Byrd and Richard Cothern, two former risk experts at the U.S. EPA and now recognized as leading authorities in the private and academic sectors for their work on quantifying environmental risks.

Students who successfully complete the Master Exam at the conlusion of the course, earn continuing education credits and a Certificate of Achievement from RTI and ABS Consulting/Government Institutes.

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