RTII 753       Engineering Teams for Success

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Minimum Class Size:        16                                                           Training Hours:      16

                   Duration:        2 Days                                                                               

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   Delivery Method:        Classroom Lecture & Exercises

Intended Audience:

Fed's, contractors and commercial personnel who will participate in TEAMS in any discipline and related activities.

Course Description:

To improve productivity and efficiency organizations have used industrial engineers to create standards for success. These standards are used to measure, track, make necessary changes or corrections, and to transfer successes from one location to another. The use of teams in organizations is widespread, yet few organizations have applied industrial engineering techniques to teams to ensure that teams provide the desired return on their investment in teams. This course is aimed at educating teams to understand and establish the necessary standards to improve the productivity and efficiency of teams. Just as individuals have job descriptions and performance standards, so should teams. If organizations utilize teams, then they should put the effort, energy, time, and training required to establish team standards. Teams should be, and can be, engineered to be successful.

Teaming Overview

Looking at teams to understand the link between the art and science of teaming. When the patterns of teams are acknowledged and understood, then standards and procedures can be put into place to improve success. Not every aspect of teams can be measured or should be, because part of teamwork and success is an art. Teams must know and understand the differences. Using the logic of human creativity to measure and improve the team's ability to be innovative. Many aspects of human creativity can be assessed and measured. Teams must be innovative in order to change, adapt and improve. This fundamental output of teams can be measured as well as the creativity style of teams. Understanding, measuring, and leveraging the individual differences of team members to better utilize individuals, minimize conflict, improve communications, and better utilize the strengths of individuals to create synergy for the team. (What energy is to an individual, synergy is for the team.) Putting standards in place to ensure that the team utilizes effective team processes to improve performance and efficiency. Structuring teams to handle conflict constructively and efficiently.



None; RTII751 or a basic understanding of teming concepts.


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