RTII 354       Advanced Polychlorinated Biphenyls Workshop

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Per Person Price:    $1,195                                 Firm Fixed Price:     Available Upon Request

Minimum Class Size:      12                                       Training Hours:     16

            Duration:      2 Days                                                CEUs:     1.6

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Delivery Method:    Classroom Lecture/Workshop & Exercises

Intended Audience:

Individuals that have taken RTII353 or have had 2 years or more experience in the field of PCB management as a senior auditor or field agent.

Course Description:

If appropriate for the particular audience, the instructor will provide a brief review of key concepts associated with Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) regulations on PCBs. This advanced-level course focuses on current and complex issues associated with complying with the TSCA PCB regulations. The October 2007 transfer of the PCB waste program from the EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxic Substances (OPPTS) to the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) will be examined, including the impact of that transfer upon both the agency and the regulated community.. Regulatory issues associated with remediation of contaminated environmental media, the management of associated wastes, and brownfield issues, will be reviewed. Similarly, issues associated with deactivation and decommissioning of facilities and equipment will be examined, including those involving radioactive facilities. The course will address the effective use of risk-based approvals for management of PCB remediation wastes and PCB bulk product wastes. Special difficulties under the current regulation will be discussed, e.g., the unauthorized status of Non-Liquid PCBs such as PCB-containing paints. and the lack of a decontamination standard for porous surfaces covered with PCB-containing coatings. Other topics to be addressed include issues associated with long-term storage and integrating TSCA's requirements with those of other regulations. Case studies will be used in addition to lecture. The course will include a section developed specifically for auditors/inspectors. Recommendations and tips will be provided for use by representatives from regulatory agencies and from regulated facilities. In addition to lecture, material will be provided with which students can conduct simulated audits. Recent enforcement actions of note will also be discussed. Also, public relations and PCB issues related to dealing with the public will be discussed using a case study approach..

* Explains the goals and structure of the EPA Brownfields Program

*Identifys specific provisions and limitations with respect to sites contaminated with PCBs

*Presents select case studies of brownfields in which PCBs are/were a significant contaminant


This Advanced PCB course was developed as part of the continuing training for EPA, DOE, USDA, US Coast Guard and DOD PCB regulatory compliance auditors/managers.

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