RTII 353       Management of Polychlorinated Biphenyls

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Per Person Price:    $1295                                 Firm Fixed Price:     Available Upon Request

Minimum Class Size:      16                                     Training Hours:     24

            Duration:      3 Days                                                CEUs:     2.4

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Delivery Method:    Classroom Lecture & Exercises

Intended Audience:

Persons, particularly those in the regulated community, involved in environmental compliance,  waste characterization and waste management activities, environmental remediation and cleanup activities, and facility decontamination and deactivation activities where PCBs are known or suspected to be present.   

Course Description:

The course provides an overview of the PCB regulations with an emphasis on PCB disposal. Participants will learn the TSCA rules for proper identification and characterization of PCBs and PCB Items as well as the associated requirements for inspecting, marking, storing, and recordkeeping.   Participants will also learn about the disposal provisions for the various categories of PCB wastes, including liquid PCBs, PCB-containing equipment, PCB remediation waste, PCB bulk product waste, PCB/radioactive waste, and wastes from research and development activities. A quiz after each section offers in-class opportunities to apply the knowledge acquired and to evaluate student learning.

Learning modules include the following: Background PCB information (physical, chemical, and toxicological properties), 40 CFR 761 Subpart A - General (applicability, categorizing PCBs, establishing the PCB concentration, and determining whether material is a PCB waste), 40 CFR 761 Subpart B - Prohibitions and Authorizations (manufacture, processing, distribution in commerce, and use; servicing, reclassification, and inspection), 40 CFR 761 Subpart C - Marking, 40 CFR 761 Subparts B and D - Storage for Reuse and Storage for Disposal, 40 CFR 761 Subpart B - Burning Used Oil, 40 CFR 761 Subpart D - Disposal (general requirements, bulk PCB liquids, and PCB Items), 40 CFR 761.61 - PCB Remediation Waste, 40 CFR 761 Subpart D - PCB Bulk Product Waste and Other Wastes, 40 CFR 761.79 - Decontamination, TSCA PCB Coordinated Approvals, Subpart G – PCB Spill Cleanup Policy, 40 CFR 761 Subparts J and K – Record keeping, Reporting, and Notification. This course is an update of the previous DOE course on the Management of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs).



PCB was designated by the Department of Energy Environmental Training Partnership as the "best-in-class" course in the Advanced TSCA topical Area.

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