RTII 319       Mixed Waste Short Course

Note: Course prices are current as of publication date, however they are subject to change without notice. Please contact RTII for current information.

Per Person Price:    $550                                Firm Fixed Price:     Available Upon Request

Minimum Class Size: 25                                       Training Hours:     8

           Duration:      1 Days                                               CEUs:     0.8

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Delivery Method:   Classroom Lecture & Exercises

Intended Audience:

DOE and contractor personnel involved with the identification, characterization, storage, treatment, disposal, or transportation of mixed (hazardous and radioactive) waste. Individuals concerned only with radioactive or hazardous waste (non-mixed regulated wastes) would also find the course useful.

Course Description:

This 1-day course presents DOE's mixed waste management challenges and discusses the regulatory requirements and DOE's approach for managing mixed waste, including treatment, storage, and disposal for: mixed high level waste; mixed transuranic waste; and mixed low level waste. Information is provided through lecture, discussion, and breakout groups, and students receive a detailed manual suitable for future use as a handy reference. Because it is the major law in mandating what materials are considered mixed wastes, significant time is spent on the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and how and when it applies to DOE's waste streams. Students learn about land disposal restrictions and best demonstrated available technologies, as well as how to recognize a mixed waste. These concepts are crucial to ensure regulatory-compliant and cost effective mixed waste management. The course also identifies waste minimization techniques and treatment technologies, and discusses the role of recycling in mixed waste management and DOE's disposal plans for mixed waste. This class is particularly helpful to employees who are dealing with DOE's wastes that are a "legacy" of the cold ware, or who will be involved in decontamination and decommissioning projects or other environmental restoration activities. Personnel involved in procurement of mixed waste characterization services or the design of mixed waste treatment facilities will also benefit from this class. In addition, this class makes an excellent add-on to the 3-day Environmental Laws and Regulations Class.

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